Patient presentations raise awareness across Canada

The Can-SOLVE CKD Network is proud to work with a diverse and talented group of patient partners who are not only valuable contributors to our research projects but also serve as ambassadors for the network.

Recently, several patient partners helped to spread the word about Can-SOLVE CKD and our approach to patient engagement in kidney research by presenting at events across Canada.

  • October 19: Mary Beaucage spoke at the Northern Interprofessional Collaborative for Health Education conference in North Bay, ON.
  • November 22: Helen Robinson-Settee and Cathy Woods presented the work of the Indigenous Peoples’ Engagement and Research Council at the 5th Annual Indigenous Health Research Symposium in Winnipeg.
  • December 4: Sandra Kidston and Anne McPhee shared an overview of the Can-SOLVE CKD Patient Council at the Maritime SPOR SUPPORT Unit Summit in Halifax.

These presentations reflect the strong commitment and dedication of our patient partners. Not only do they dedicate their time and energy to playing active roles in research studies and participating in the network’s governance committees, they also play a crucial role in representing Can-SOLVE CKD in their home communities and professional networks.

Their efforts put a human face on kidney disease and the research we are leading, while also offering valuable first-hand experiences of patient engagement in research. The examples they share help to increase the network’s profile, support recruitment and new collaborations, and advance a culture change in Canadian health research.

On behalf of the entire network, we thank our patient partners for all they do!

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