2022 Can-SOLVE CKD Network Impact Report

2023 Impact Report

2023 was a transitional period for the network as the wind-down of Phase 1 research and capacity building activities took place in parallel to the start of Phase 2 knowledge mobilization activities.

This year, we celebrated the release of the Knowledge Keepers in Research video series as well as our patient-oriented research training modules. We published new and vital knowledge from our research projects and relaunched KidneyLink, a platform that connects patients to Canadian kidney research.

2022 Can-SOLVE CKD Network Impact Report

2021/22 Impact Report

2022 was a milestone year marked by reflection, celebration, and looking to the future. We were thrilled to launch our second phase in April with more than $11.8 million in new funding. This is a significant boost for Canadian kidney research that builds upon the successes of our first phase and creates new opportunities to mobilize innovations in diagnosis, treatment, and care that will enhance kidney health. We also celebrate all that we have built and achieved: mobilizing new knowledge about kidney health, advancing Indigenous cultural competency, and enhancing Canada’s capacity for innovative kidney research. Most of all, we have led a culture change in research that has placed patients and their experiences at the forefront.

Can-SOLVE CKD 2020/21 Impact Report

2020/21 Impact Report

2020/21 saw the Can-SOLVE CKD Network celebrate its fifth anniversary, marking five exceptional years dedicated to advancing patient-oriented kidney research. We led further diversification of the kidney research environment to advance Indigenous cultural competency and equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) and the continued development of additional educational resources, enhanced training, and sustainable infrastructure to further solidify Canada’s capacity for patient-oriented kidney research.

Can-SOLVE CKD 2019/20 Impact Report

2019/20 Impact Report

2019/20 saw the acceleration of publication activity and the generation of new knowledge about kidney disease and treatment. This year also marked the realization of several new infrastructure and training activities developed through the stewardship of the Can-SOLVE CKD, including KidneyLink, KidneyPro, and the Canadian Nephrology Trials Network. Finally, this year marked the launch of sustainability planning activities with a view to developing a collaborative vision for continuation of Can-SOLVE CKD beyond the term of our initial grant.

Can-SOLVE CKD 2018/19 Impact Report

2018/19 Impact Report

Over the past year, we have focused on supporting the successful delivery of our 18 research projects while developing plans for ongoing sustainability beyond the end of current funding in 2021. The past year has also included further advancement of the network’s patient engagement, curriculum development, and knowledge translation activity in addition to the creation of several infrastructure initiatives that will enhance capacity for patient-oriented kidney research on a national scale.

Can-SOLVE CKD 2017/18 Impact Report

2017/18 Impact Report

Over the past year, Can-SOLVE CKD has made significant progress in transitioning from the foundational start-up activities of our first year of operations towards a more active state of implementation. Throughout the reporting period, the network has seen the progression of its overall research agenda, experienced growth in its operational and leadership capacity, increased the scope and depth of patient engagement activities, and played a leadership role in developing novel training curricula, including a cultural safety learning pathway.

Can-SOLVE CKD 2016/17 Impact Report

2016/17 Impact Report

In this report, we are pleased to highlight activities from our first year that are helping to change the culture of kidney research in Canada. By listening to, learning from, and leading with patient partners, researchers, policy-makers, and funders, we will transform kidney disease care and outcomes for all Canadians.

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