Guide for CGNR Participants

You might be wondering what it would be like to participate in the CGNR study, so we’ll take you through the process!

First, your doctor will ask you if you want to participate in the study when you go in for a check-up. If you are interested, either they or the study coordinator will take you aside and explain what participating would involve. After you ask all your questions you will be asked to sign a consent form. Signing this form means that you understood everything that was explained to you and that you’re willing to participate!

There will be a total of five planned visits that will happen at the same time as you visit your nephrologist for a clinical visit. There’s room for more visits if you need to see your doctor in between. Visits will take place approximately every six months, with all visits to be completed within two years.

Remember that your participation in this study is completely voluntary. You may withdraw your participation at any time and this won’t affect your relationship with any study affiliated staff, your nephrologist or your hospital site.

There are small risks and benefits to participating that will be explained to you at your first visit. If you have any questions please visit our patient engagement page to contact one of the study’s core coordinators.