We are excited to announce that nominations for the 2020 Barbara Ann LeGay Award for Patient-Oriented Research are now open!

The Barbara Ann LeGay Award for Patient-Oriented Research celebrates the contributions of patient partners to the Can-SOLVE CKD Network. The award recognizes those who, with passion and dedication, are partnering with health care providers, researchers, and policy makers to address gaps in kidney health and disease. It is an acknowledgement of the central role that patient partners play within our network by prioritizing, developing, testing, and implementing new solutions for the care of persons living with kidney disease.


Who can nominate?

Nominations can come from anybody affiliated with the Can-SOLVE CKD Network, including staff, researchers, research team members, and patient partners.

What are the selection criteria for the award?

  • A patient partner currently involved in Can-SOLVE CKD Network
  • Partners with researchers, policy makers, and health care providers for the betterment of patient health care and practice
  • Demonstrates leadership, innovation, and creativity in their work with Can-SOLVE CKD and beyond
  • Strong will for change and pushing the envelope
  • Working to address disconnects in health care, promoting care team coordination

How do I nominate?

Deadline extended! Fill out the nomination form below by Friday, June 12. If you prefer to provide a written summary or any supporting material, please email Alicia Murdoch (amurdoch@cansolveckd.ca).


The winner of the award is selected by the Barbara Ann LeGay Award Committee and will be announced on June 25.

Last year’s recipient was Cathy Woods, who received the award at the 2019 Can-SOLVE CKD Annual Meeting in Montreal. The inaugural award was presented to Mike McCormick in 2018. Video highlights of the award presentations are available below.

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