Patient-oriented research is a collaborative activity that brings together people with different experiences and expertise. According to a new study, applying the same spirit of “co-building” to the creation of training materials for patient-oriented research increases the quality, uptake, and credibility of such resources.

The study focused on the development of Foundations in Patient-Oriented Research, a course designed and piloted in Canada to help patients, researchers, health care professionals and health system decision-makers gain a basic understanding of patient-oriented research, the research enterprise, and how to work in a team.

The course curriculum was co-developed by a diverse group, including patients, researchers, health care professionals, and health system decision-makers. According to the study findings, this co-development process not only resulted in training that benefited the intended audience, but it provided valuable learning experiences about patient-oriented research for the project leaders, developers, facilitators and patient co-facilitators. These findings and the resulting recommendations may provide guidance for other learning and development groups wishing to undertake a similar project.

Leah Getchell (Can-SOLVE CKD Patient Partnerships & Training Lead,)and Dr. Nicolas Fernandez (Co-Chair of the Can-SOLVE CKD Training & Mentorship Committee) are co-authors of the study.

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