We’re excited to announce the launch of KidneyPro– a new online learning module that introduces you to the world of patient-oriented research. Users will explore the breadth and depth of kidney research in Canada and gain a better understanding of the patient role in kidney research. The self-directed module walks users through a general overview of health research in Canada as well as the landscape for kidney research. Kidney Pro gives you the opportunity to learn from real Can-SOLVE CKD patient-partners and researchers, and quiz yourself on your kidney research knowledge.

Major areas of learning include:

  • Understanding the research landscape
  • Learning about the specific roles that patients can play, outlining the different expectations and opportunities available as “patient participants” and “patient partners”
  • Learning about Indigenous patient partnership
  • Exploring ways to get involved in kidney research via KidneyLink

Kidney Pro was created by members of the Can-SOLVE CKD Network including members of the core team and patient partners. We would like to thank those that were involved in bringing this incredible resource to life: Eva Bernstein, Leah Getchell, Graham Pollock, Craig Settee, Alicia Murdoch, Marian Reich, Arlene Desjarlais, Dwight Sparkes, Ruth Sapir-Pichhadze, Elizabeth Fowler, Linnea Franson, and Sara Banai.

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