The Can-SOLVE CKD Network was well represented on the global stage at the 2021 World Congress of Nephrology.

Highlights from the event included presentations from Can-SOLVE CKD members, poster presentations, booths at the Global Nephrology Village, and a 90-min CANA/Can-SOLVE CKD/CSN Joint Symposium. We extend a big thank you to all presenters and behind the scene organizers.

Can-SOLVE CKD Network posters featured:

  • “Enhancing Patient Care by Partnering with Patients in Kidney Health Research” (POS-469) presented by Mary Beaucage (LINK TO POSTER)
  • “Wabishki Bizhiko Skaanj: A Learning Pathway to Foster Better Indigenous Cultural Competence within Canadian Health Research” (POS-828) presented by Helen Robinson-Settee. (LINK TO POSTER)
  • Canadian Nephrology Trials Network (CNTN) poster “A New Vision for Nephrology Trials in Canada” (POS-491) presented by Alicia Murdoch (LINK TO POSTER)

We would like to acknowledge the organizers of the Joint Symposium, as well as the session moderator (Mike Zappitelli), the presenters (Susan Samuel, Marie-Chantal Fortin, John Pawlovich), and panelists (Sean Delaney, Janet Graham).

You can watch the 5-minute video of patient partners Mya Pyykonen, Manuel Escoto, and Robert Buzinski discussing their experience with transitions of care in CKD.

Watch Here: Transitions of Care in CKD | 2021 CANA/Can-SOLVE CKD/CSN Joint Symposium

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