In September 2019, Kidney Check team members from across Canada headed to Winnipeg and Vancouver for training in Kidney Check processes and procedures. The training included specific information on equipment and procedures for point of care testing equipment including transporting samples, quality assurance and standard operating procedures.

Training also provided more broad information about the model of care, kidney disease, the kidney failure risk equation and community engagement. Other topics included traditional knowledge and protocols as well as information specific to a pediatric population.

The Kidney Check project will conduct a screening initiative in Indigenous communities in five provinces across Canada. Communities within these provinces will help guide and plan screening events while including patient partners throughout the process. Using mobile lab equipment, screening teams will travel to communities and test for CKD and its risk factors, including diabetes and high blood pressure. This information will be used to determine an individual’s risk of CKD, and each person will receive a treatment plan that is tailored to their risk.

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Kidney Check nurse training in Vancouver, BC.

Kidney Check training in Winnipeg, MB.

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