Network members from the Greater Toronto Area participated in a Foundations in Patient Oriented Research training this month, led by Leah Getchell, Patient Partnerships and Training lead and Patient Governance Council member Marian Reich. this interactive training session was based on CIHR’s foundational curriculum. Workshop participants included patients, families, research team members, health care providers and decision/policy makers.

It’s always so amazing to deliver this content to groups—I can see the dots connecting for people as we all get on the same page around the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of patient-oriented research. The  interactions  between patients, researchers, healthcare providers and decision makers, in this unique co-learning environment, is always reported as a highlight for participants. These workshops are key to building the relationships that lay the foundation of successful patient-oriented research. – Leah Getchell

Leah will be co-facilitating the next session with PGC Co-Chair David Hillier in London on October 8th.  There are spaces still available so if you are in the area we encourage you to attend this training if possible! Register now

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