The Can-SOLVE CKD Knowledge User/Knowledge Translation Committee has launched a virtual “Community of Practice” focused on enhancing the network’s capacity for knowledge translation (KT) and reporting research outcomes.

It is expected that the KT Community of Practice will include membership from all research projects (patient partners, coordinator, and other team members) and network staff.

Regular videoconference meetings will focus on addressing gaps in KT literacy, while focusing on reciprocal learning and skills enhancement – for example, how to effectively communicate your research to different audiences and what communication products are most effective.

“Communities of Practice are logical next-steps when you have a network that is as large as ours,” said Selina Allu, Can-SOLVE CKD Knowledge Translation Broker. “Doing KT work takes time, and with limited KT resources, leveraging our members’ existing experience and expertise within a ‘learning forum’ is key.”

An initial workshop on February 8 focused on introducing group members and contextualizing the role of the KT Community of Practice within Can-SOLVE CKD’s knowledge translation framework. A pre-workshop survey assessed existing skills and experience within the group to identify strengths and gaps. Additional workshops are planned for the end of February and mid-March to support project teams in developing KT materials that will be presented at the 2019 Can-SOLVE CKD Annual Meeting.

For more information, please contact Selina Allu (

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