The Indigenous Peoples’ Engagement and Research Council (IPERC) is very pleased to introduce its brand new logo! Developed by graphic designer Jessalyn King through a collaborative process involving all IPERC members, the logo integrates a range of imagery that represents the council’s diverse composition.

The Indigenous Peoples’ Engagement and Research Council serves to guide the conduct of the Can-SOLVE CKD Network’s activities in accounting for the unique aspects of patient-oriented research involving First  Nations, Inuit, and Métis people. The logo illustrates the diversity of the IPERC membership, including patients, families, caregivers, elders, educators, and physicians (from the Indigenous Physicians Association of Canada), nurses, social workers, and other health professionals, academics, and federal/provincial decision-makers.

The logo was formally reviewed and approved at the IPERC Annual Update Meeting, chaired by Helen Robinson-Settee and Cathy Woods, in Montreal in May. The meeting brought together Indigenous Patient Partners, Indigenous Healthcare providers, and researchers. An open roundtable discussion took place where a diversity of feedback regarding the logo was collected.

Various elements throughout the design point to IPERC’s themes and mandates ensuring a diversity of perspectives are reflected in all Can-SOLVE CKD decisions and actions, and appropriately incorporating, addressing and respecting the unique needs and perspectives of Indigenous peoples.

Our IPERC Coordinator, Craig Settee, shares more:

The four circles are representative of diverse meanings of circle work in Indigenous ways of knowing – with IPERC it carries the Looking, Listening, Learning and Leading in the work we do as part of Can-SOLVE CKD. The woven braids also symbolize various Indigenous customs of weaving and braiding medicine, traditional clothing, art and practical tools. The braid also reminds us of what the medicine Sweetgrass teaches us – kindness – and carrying this teaching in the work we do. The kidneys are central to bringing us all together in the Can-SOLVE CKD Network and the images within the kidneys represent the diversity of people, teachings and experiences that bring us all together.

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