Can-SOLVE CKD recently celebrated its fifth anniversary, marking five exceptional years dedicated to advancing patient-oriented kidney research – but the network has no intention of slowing down.

In planning for “Can-SOLVE CKD 2.0,” network members came together this past April for a third meeting of the Can-SOLVE CKD Sustainability Planning Committee.

The meeting convened 44 network members, including researchers, patient partners, staff, and many other stakeholders from across Canada.

“Our goal is to co-develop a meaningful, feasible and economical plan for Can-SOLVE CKD 2.0,” explains Mila Tang, Project Manager, Sustainability Planning, noting that much progress was made in the April workshop.

The goal of the meeting was to vet the proposed Can-SOLVE CKD Phase 2 research program selection and onboarding process to ensure it meets established principles and aligns with the network’s strategic direction. The majority of participants found the draft selection process to be reasonable, feasible, and strategically aligned. Participants also shared insightful suggestions for slight modifications to the selection process.

Some key points and suggestions discussed during the virtual meeting include:

  • Relying on external reviewers to provide objective assessments;
  • Ensuring representation of vulnerable populations across patient, policy-maker, and researcher/clinician groups;
  • Making the Request for Proposal language more accessible to those naïve to patient-oriented research;
  • Reframing the opportunity as a “team grant” and creating a mechanism to encourage mentorship for new investigators and patient partners;
  • Creating a skill development roadmap and appropriate toolkits/training resources to create a level playing field for applications.

The Can-SOLVE CKD Operations Team will review all feedback and incorporate it into the Research Program Selection Process. We will share a revised draft of the selection process with all participants – stay tuned!

Tang emphasizes how prioritizing patients and finding strength in the network’s diversity will be a central focus of Can-SOLVE CKD 2.0. “We will continue to move the needle towards better healthcare for everyone through our conversations and our actions,” she says.

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