Everyone should have the chance to take part in innovative research that will improve kidney health now and in the future. That’s why Can-SOLVE CKD is creating a brand new digital platform to connect Canadians to the latest kidney health innovation.

The new portal, which we expect to launch later this spring, will be your chance to learn about and get involved in research that responds to the needs and perspectives of patients. From a user-friendly website, you will be able to create an account, select the topics that most interest you, and search up-to-date listings of kidney research opportunities across Canada. The portal will connect you with researchers looking to work with people like you. You will be informed about new opportunities to get involved and receive updates to help you see the impact of your participation in real time.

There will be many ways to get involved: be a partner and help design or lead research studies, or be a participant and help researchers answer important questions that will improve kidney health. You can choose the opportunities that match your interests and time commitment. All participation is valuable and encouraged!

The portal will be more than just research opportunities. It will also help you learn about kidney research projects already taking place across Canada and educate yourself about how the research process works.

Whether you are a person living with kidney disease, a family member, a donor, or a caregiver, your voice is important! This portal will be your chance to partner in innovation and contribute to better kidney health for everyone. We are very excited to move forward with this project and look forward to sharing more information soon. Stay tuned!

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