Mary Beaucage

"I am passionate about educating and advocating, and as I go through my healing journey, I’m finding strength in talking to others, especially in the aboriginal and northern communities."


Kate Chong

"Research is how we are going to move forward, find solutions and make a change. Can-SOLVE CKD is an extensive grant outlining so many important projects and initiatives. The involvement of patients has been placed front and centre, engaging us in discussions, workshops and reviewing each step along the way."


Michael McCormick

"I believe that having access to a network of like-minded, progressive patients who have a keen interest in living a productive life, despite being diagnosed with CKD, is critical."


Helen Robinson-Settee

"I feel that my experiences as a caregiver can be shared with researchers, policy makers, and medical staff working with CKD."

In memoriam

We fondly remember those patient partners who are no longer with us, but whose passion and enthusiasm live on in our work each day. Read more