Paul Duperron (1956 – 2018)

All of us across the Can-SOLVE CKD Network are saddened by the passing of Paul Duperron. Paul was a Can-SOLVE CKD patient partner who made many contributions to kidney health research through his involvement in six research projects. His commitment to improving the health of those living with kidney disease was an inspiration to all who knew him.

Paul was also a key contributor to planning the annual CANA/Can-SOLVE CKD Joint Symposium. At the 2018 symposium in Vancouver, he spoke passionately on his experience of kidney disease symptoms, giving voice to an important patient perspective.

Beyond his work with Can-SOLVE CKD, Paul was actively involved with the Prince George Chapter of the Kidney Foundation of Canada, BC & Yukon Branch, recently serving as a board member. In this role, he worked tirelessly to offer support to patients and their caregivers and participated in fundraisers such as March Drive and the Prince George Kidney Walk.

Roger Hillier

It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to Roger Hillier. Roger was a Can-SOLVE CKD patient partner whose commitment to improving the health of those living with kidney disease inspired us all. As a member of six project teams, Roger devoted countless hours to advancing research into polycystic kidney disease, living donor transplantation, dialysis symptoms, and innovative treatments. His intelligence and insight were highly valued by his fellow patient partners and team members.

Even in the face of health challenges, Roger remained highly motivated to do whatever he could to improve the transplant experience for other patients and to help identify better treatment options. Roger’s selfless determination to help others will continue to remind us of the importance of the work we do across Can-SOLVE CKD and beyond.

Barb LeGay

Barb was an incredible voice for patients who reminded us of the resilience of the human spirit. Her story of over 40 years of interactions with the health care system gave us all an amazing perspective on living with kidney disease.

From the very start of the Can-SOLVE CKD Network, Barb brought logic, clarity of thought, a sharp wit, and genuine enthusiasm to her role as a patient partner. Her commitment to the network and to her fellow patient partners was selfless. Even in the face of serious health challenges, she remained determined to make a difference for others living with kidney disease.

Barb’s friends and colleagues across the Can-SOLVE CKD Network will miss her deeply. We have much work to do, and we will have Barb’s unique, inspirational voice in mind all the time.

Howard Vincent

It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to Howard Vincent. Howard was a patient partner and member of the Indigenous Peoples’ Engagement and Research Council who was known throughout the network as a strong and passionate voice for those living with kidney disease.

Howard brought many remarkable attributes to the network, including his exceptional candor and a willingness to speak honestly and openly, whether addressing fellow patients or a conference hall full of physicians. He had a knack for voicing important, sometimes uncomfortable perspectives that challenged conventional thinking and forced to us to reflect critically on our work. When Howard spoke, we all stopped to listen, and the network was so much stronger for his contributions.

When he joined the network in 2015, Howard wrote to his fellow patient partners, “Being involved in Can-SOLVE CKD is an opportunity to bring an awareness and a message to all who are dealing with CKD, especially the marginalized of our society. They need care, love and knowledge so they can have a chance to live a good life.” All of us across the network will keep Howard’s words and his memory in our hearts as we work to realize this vision.