Getting Checked

Diabetes Integration Project (Nanaandawewigamig – First Nations Health and Social Secretariat of Manitoba) is currently hosting screening in Garden Hill First Nation. Contact the nursing station to learn more.

Check back soon for more info on Alberta screening events.

Why should I get checked?

There are lots of things you and health-care providers can do to keep your kidneys healthy. The earlier we know about kidney problems, the more we can do to help you and your kidneys feel better and prevent or delay the need for dialysis.  There are lots of ways to help kidneys (and you) feel better now and for the future.

What happens when I get my kidneys checked?

What communities are being visited?

  • British Columbia
  • Alberta
  • Saskatchewan (planned)
  • Manitoba
  • Ontario (planned)

How do I receive care if I am not in one of these communities?

If you are not in or near a community participating in Kidney Check, there are other ways for you to get your kidneys checked:

  • Visit your family doctor
  • Visit a walk-in clinic
  • Find a local organization doing kidney health screening

When you get routine blood and urine tests done, your health-care provider can use the results (after they get them back from the lab) to see how your kidneys are doing.

What will I learn about my health?

You will learn if you need care for high blood pressure or diabetes. You will also learn if you have a chance of kidney problems in the future and if we need to make a care plan to help keep your kidneys healthy as long as we can.

No current risk

Low risk

Intermediate risk

High risk

What will happen after I get checked?

  • After you get checked your nurse will go over your results
  • Your primary care provider may be notified about your results if they need to help with your care plan
  • The nurse will talk about ways you can help your kidneys such as through diet and activity
  • You may be referred to a hospital or or a renal program for another appointment if you have very high blood pressure or some kidney problems needing to be looked at by a kidney doctor
  • We will work with you to find the best ways to support you in keeping your kidneys healthy and working as best as they can