Can-SOLVE CKD Annual Meeting 2021 project video

Project lead: Dr. Navdeep Tangri
Patient lead: Dwight Sparkes
Patient group: Patients with CKD (not on dialysis), patients on dialysis and patients with transplant
Region: All regions
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Kidney disease is common, but not all patients will reach kidney failure. In most patients, risk factors can be controlled and kidney function can stay stable for many years. Yet, most patients live in fear of kidney failure. In 2011, we developed an equation that accurately predicts the risk of kidney failure in patients with kidney disease. The equation uses routine lab tests, and can help patients and their doctors understand their risk better. This information reduces anxiety and empowers patients to better control their disease and its risk factors.

We will test the equation via interactive tools in family medicine clinics across Canada. The interactive tools will help patients and their doctors gain a better understanding of their kidney health and will help guide their care.

Can-SOLVE CKD Network Annual Meeting 2021 visual abstract

visual abstract PDF version

Webinar: “Integrating risk-based care for patients with CKD in the community” (2017)