A Vision for Better Health – Meno Ya Win – Indigenous Kidney Health Series is a resource for Indigenous people with chronic kidney disease (CKD), their caregivers and healthcare providers.

The goal is to assist Indigenous people and their caregivers learn about CKD and help them with decision-making about the treatment choices available to them when their kidneys may stop working.


The Meno Ya Win – Indigenous Kidney Health Series was co-created by the Can-SOLVE CKD Network “Improving Indigenous Patient Knowledge about Treatment Options for Failing Kidneys” research team (led by Dr. Carol Bullin, Knowledge Keeper George Laliberte and Dr. Joanne Kappel), with Indigenous people with chronic kidney disease, and their caregivers.

This video series consists of both informational and actual patient journeys with kidney disease that include: nine (9) Learning Modules, describing the kidneys and their function, what happens when the kidneys do not work well, and the treatment choices available for failing kidneys. Three (3) videos provide an overview of peritoneal dialysis, incentre hemodialysis, and home hemodialysis procedures. Ten (10) videos depict Indigenous peoples’ journeys with kidney disease, and their individual treatment choices including dialysis, kidney transplant, and conservative care. A Canadian General Kidney Resource Document is also included for further reference and learning.

Narration for the learning modules was done by:

  • Riley Plett – Saulteaux-Métis Anishinabek, Band member of Pine Creek First Nation
  • Anthony Antaya – member of the Métis Nation of Saskatchewan.

How to use the Meno Ya Win – Indigenous Kidney Health Series

The video series is accompanied by detailed lesson plans that can guide educators/coaches to maximize patient participation and learning. This video series and lesson plans can be used in a variety of environments/situations, for example:

  • During education sessions with Indigenous patients and their caregivers in Kidney Care Clinics.
  • On reserve, during individual and/or community education events, led by nursing, or other healthcare staff including community health representatives.
  • As a resource for primary care providers either during health visits or as takeaway learning.

Learning Modules

Introduction to Lesson Plans

The lesson plans are based on learning modules 1–9.

Each lesson plan follows a similar format that includes a brief description of the content; the learning goals; sample assessment questions and other patient resources that can be used or given to the patient for further learning.

Module 1: How Your Kidneys Work

Module 2: Risk Factors for Kidney Disease

Module 3: How to Keep Your Kidneys Healthy

Module 4: Chronic Kidney Disease

Module 5: Choosing a Treatment for Sick Kidneys

Module 6: Peritoneal Dialysis

Module 7: Hemodialysis

Module 8: Kidney Transplant

Module 9: Conservative Kidney Care

Dialysis Procedures

Home Hemodialysis Demonstration

Hospital Satellite or Community Hemodialysis Demonstration

Peritoneal Dialysis Demonstration

Kidney Journeys

Bobby’s Kidney Journey

Claire’s Kidney Journey

Darren’s Kidney Journey

Lorraine’s Kidney Journey

Marlene’s Kidney Journey

Monica’s Kidney Journey

Rex & Marlene’s Kidney Journey

Rex’s Kidney Journey

Ronelda’s Kidney Journey

Sherrie’s Kidney Journey

Canadian General Kidney Resources

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