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Charles Cook

In the space of two years, Charles Cook received a new heart and a kidney. The transplants not only saved his life but also instilled a deep commitment to helping others in need. As a member of the Can-SOLVE CKD Patient Governance Circle and the Transplant Ambassador Program, Cook is using his voice and his story to help pave the way for future patients to receive better care.

Manuel Escoto

Manuel is working with Can-SOLVE CKD as a patient partner and member of the Knowledge Translation/Knowledge User Committee, where he not only shares his experience as a patient but also his expertise in research, policy and knowledge translation.

Gwen Herrington

Gwen's experience of dialysis underscores the importance of self-management and of being involved in kidney research

Kidney Quarterly

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Kidney Quarterly: Issue 10

2023-06-26T10:57:44-07:00June 23, 2023|

  • Knowledge Keepers in Research video series
  • How the iCARE project helps manage mental health and kidney health of youth with type 2 diabetes
  • Meet Jocelyn Jones, IPERC Coordinator

Kidney Quarterly: Issue 9

2023-03-23T09:54:17-07:00March 20, 2023|

  • The importance of EDI in research
  • How Can-SOLVE CKD is advancing EDI in Phase 2
  • Gender-diverse and Indigenous-specific content to be added to the My Kidneys My Health website
  • Can-SOLVE CKD and the Black Health Alliance partner up with a shared EDI vision

Kidney Quarterly: Issue 8

2023-02-06T11:09:00-08:00January 17, 2023|

  • Implementation science helps overcome barriers to change
  • New tool offers a smoother pathway to implementing research
  • The implementation of APPROACH projects sees positive results
  • Finding out what does – or doesn’t – help dialysis patients

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