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Kidney Quarterly: Issue 10

  • Knowledge Keepers in Research video series
  • How the iCARE project helps manage mental health and kidney health of youth with type 2 diabetes
  • Meet Jocelyn Jones, IPERC Coordinator

Kidney Quarterly: Issue 9

  • The importance of EDI in research
  • How Can-SOLVE CKD is advancing EDI in Phase 2
  • Gender-diverse and Indigenous-specific content to be added to the My Kidneys My Health website
  • Can-SOLVE CKD and the Black Health Alliance partner up with a shared EDI vision

Kidney Quarterly: Issue 8

  • Implementation science helps overcome barriers to change
  • New tool offers a smoother pathway to implementing research
  • The implementation of APPROACH projects sees positive results
  • Finding out what does – or doesn’t – help dialysis patients

Kidney Quarterly: Issue 7

  • Learning Tree cultivates skills for patient-oriented research
  • New position strengthens commitment to cultural competency
  • Unlocking KidneyLink’s potential for patient-researcher connections
  • Fostering excellence in nephrology trials

Kidney Quarterly: Issue 6

  • Knowledge bundle enables lifelong learning about Indigenous cultures and experiences
  • IPERC mobilizes Indigenous voices and approaches
  • Remembering Howard Vincent and striving for reconciliation

Kidney Quarterly: Issue 5

  • Treating kidney disease with precision
  • New tool finds the right medicine for better kidney health
  • Addressing the knowledge gaps that affect Indigenous peoples' care
  • Demystifying knowledge translation

Kidney Quarterly: Issue 3

  • New symptom management tool will improve CKD care for kids
  • Patients and families at the heart of new research to control diabetes in tens
  • Can a new treatment for controlling blood sugar prevent kidney disease in teens?
  • Patient profile: Manuel Escoto

Kidney Quarterly: Issue 2

  • A message from the Indigenous Peoples' Engagement and Research Council
  • Webinar series aims to inspire a deeper understanding of land acknowledgments
  • Kidney Check program explores safe ways of engaging Indigenous communities during COVID-19
  • Transplant Ambassadors break down barriers to living kidney donation

Kidney Quarterly: Issue 1

  • New tool provides unprecedented self-management support
  • Patient profile: Gwen Herrington
  • Video: Patient engagement in action

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