Although Chronic Kidney Disease is common, only a relatively small proportion of individuals will reach kidney failure requiring dialysis or transplantation. Validated risk equations using routine laboratory tests have been developed that can easily be used at the bedside to help clinicians accurately predict the risk of kidney failure in their patient population, in turn informing patient-centered conversations, guiding appropriate nephrology referrals, improving the timing of dialysis treatment planning, and identifying individuals who are most likely to benefit from interventions. In this article, individuals living with kidney disease share why access to individualized prediction of kidney failure risk can help patients manage their disease and why it should be considered an essential component of kidney care.

Sparkes D, Lee L, Rutter B, Harasemiw O, Thorsteinsdottir B, Tangri

Canadian Journal of Kidney Health and Disease

Published 2022

Research Project: KFRE

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