Peer support can address the informational and emotional needs of people living with chronic kidney disease (CKD) and enable self-management. We aimed to identify preferences and priorities for content, format and processes of peer support delivery for patients with non-dialysis CKD and their loved ones.

Using a patient-oriented research approach, we conducted a half-day, virtual consensus workshop with stakeholder participants from across Canada, including patients, caregivers, peer mentors and clinicians. Using personas (fictional characters), participants discussed and voted on preferences for delivery of peer support across format, content and process categories. We analyzed transcripts from small- and large-group discussions inductively using content analysis.

Twenty-one stakeholders, including 9 patients and 4 caregivers, participated in the workshop. In the voting exercise on format, participants prioritized peer mentor matching, programming for both patients and caregivers, and flexible scheduling. For content, participants prioritized informational and emotional support focus, and for process, they prioritized leveraging kidney care programs and alternative sources (e.g., social media) for promotion and referral. Analysis of workshop transcripts complemented prioritization results and emphasized tailoring of peer support delivery to accommodate the diversity of people living with CKD and their support needs. This concept was elaborated in 3 themes, namely alignment of program features with needs, inclusive peer support options and multiple access points.

We identified preferences for peer support delivery for people living with CKD and underscore the importance of tailored, flexible programming in this context. Findings could be used to develop, adapt or study CKD-focused peer support interventions.

Elliott MJ, Donald M, Farragher J, Verdin N, Love S, Manns K, Baragar B, Sparkes D, Fox D, Hemmelgarn BR


Published 2023

Research Project: Self-Management

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