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KidneyLink: Connect to kidney health innovation

KidneyLink is an online platform created by Can-SOLVE CKD to connect researchers with Canadians who want to contribute to better kidney health.

Whether you are a person living with kidney disease, a family member, a donor, or a caregiver, your voice is important! By connecting to KidneyLink, you can help researchers answer questions that will improve kidney health for all.

From our user-friendly website, you can search topics of greatest interest and receive up-to-date listings of kidney research opportunities across Canada. This novel resource, the first of its kind for kidney research in Canada, also connects patients to curated educational resources, and community engagement opportunities.

Are you a patient or caregiver? Check out KidneyLink today and learn how to get involved in cutting-edge kidney research!

Are you a researcher? Post your study on KidneyLink and let us help connect you to an engaged community of patients who are ready to make a difference!

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