Turning knowledge into action

Can-SOLVE CKD is leading a wide range of research studies to explore new therapies and improve the quality of care for patients.

Making sure new data and findings from these studies are applied to the real-world is a major challenge. To overcome this challenge, we are committed to a robust knowledge mobilization (KM) approach that focuses on:

  • Improving the patient experience
  • Providing better quality care
  • Ensuring cost-efficient health care
  • Supporting health care providers

To help achieve these goals, each of our research projects has its own KM implementation plan crafted by patients, researchers, policy-makers, and other key stakeholders. The KM plans include implementation strategies to ensure that our research is effectively incorporated into clinical practice and positively impacts kidney patients.

To learn more about KM practices within the network, please contact our Knowledge Broker, Selina Allu at soallu@ucalgary.ca

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