Supporting relationships with Indigenous communities

Knowledge Keepers in Research is a new resource that encourages health researchers to honour Indigenous ways of knowing and incorporate them into practice.

The module consists of an eight-part video series and a virtual guidebook. These tools aim to support researchers and their teams to respectfully engage Knowledge Keepers and Indigenous patient partners.

Knowledge Keepers in Research is a learning marker on the Learning Pathway. By adopting Indigenous ways of knowing and fostering cultural competency, this learning marker is working to close the gaps in kidney health outcomes between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities.

Knowledge Keepers in Research Video Series


Dr. Malcolm King provides a welcome and overview of the Knowledge Keepers in Research video series.

Theme 1: Essential Teachings

Helping researchers acknowledge history and demonstrate openness to another way of being.

Theme 2: Preparation and Meeting a Knowledge Keeper

Incorporating ceremony to create openness; understanding key terms (e.g., white privilege, colonialism, settler, ally).

Theme 3: The Ask

How to make one’s intentions clear; the importance of offering tobacco or another gift.

Theme 4: Acknowledgment and Protocol

How Knowledge Keepers’ work can be compensated; communicating beyond the currency of knowledge.

Theme 5: Knowledge

Commitment to pass on knowledge; intellectual property rights; honouring where teachings and knowledge come from.

Theme 6: Who is a Knowledge Keeper?

Understanding Knowledge Keepers’ different specialties and roles as conduits of spiritual energies and messages.

Theme 7: Relationships & Kinships

Building trust and strengthening personal ties to fulfill commitments.

Knowledge Keepers in Research Virtual Book

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