Advancing high-quality kidney-focused RCTs in Canada

The Canadian Nephrology Trials Network (CNTN) is a pan-Canadian bilingual network of clinical researchers established to advance multi-centre, prospective research, particularly randomized controlled trials, in kidney health. Members come from all regions of Canada and include patient partners and Indigenous communities.

CNTN promotes a culture of collaboration within the Canadian kidney community and connects investigators with interested research centres across Canada via a web-based system. The network also offers resources to help investigators develop and conduct clinical trials and overcome barriers to recruitment.

Can-SOLVE CKD has championed the launch of the re-imagined Canadian Nephrology Trials Network (CNTN) to increase the number of kidney-focused randomized controlled trials in Canada.

A 2018 workshop coordinated by Can-SOLVE CKD resulted in a refreshed vision, governance structure, and set of priorities placing increased emphasis on patient partners. Since then, the vision and committee structure has been actualized to affirm the CNTN’s role as a valuable asset to Canadian nephrology researchers.

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