Patients are at the centre of everything we do.

More than 30 patient partners and caregivers across Canada play a central role in guiding all Can-SOLVE CKD activities. Their involvement ensures the network addresses and respects the unique needs and perspectives of patients, including Indigenous peoples.

By working together, we will improve the quality of care of those with kidney disease and help identify those with the highest risk for poor outcomes.

Setting priorities

Can-SOLVE CKD’s research themes are based on key questions asked by patients over three years of priority-setting discussions.

Partners in research

Patients are embedded in all Can-SOLVE CKD projects, working side-by-side with researchers towards the shared goal of better kidney health and care.

Diverse perspectives

Kidney patients and caregivers are represented throughout the Can-SOLVE CKD Network by a Patient Council and Indigenous Peoples’ Engagement and Research Council. These patient-led bodies ensure a diversity of perspectives are reflected in all network decisions and actions.

Can-SOLVE CKD will benefit Canadians living with or at risk for chronic kidney disease by promoting a cultural shift from care which is disease-centred and provider-focused to care which is patient-centred, informed by evidence, and coordinated across the health care system.