Wabishki Bizhiko Skaanj (wah-bish-kih biish-ih-goo skaa-nch) is a learning pathway that aims to enhance researchers’ knowledge and awareness of racial biases, Indigenous voices and stories, the impact of colonization on Indigenous health, and culturally safe health research practices.

The learning pathway comprises existing resources such as San’yas, OCAP, Tri-Council Policy Statement Chapter 9, and the KAIROS Blanket Exercise, in addition to original components developed by the Can-SOLVE CKD Network.

Participants may complete one or more components of the pathway depending on their learning needs and ability. Self-reflection will be a critical part of each component.

Learning Pathway Components

Kairos Blanket Exercise

An interactive simulation of colonization’s impact on Canada’s Indigenous peoples.

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San’yas Indigenous Cultural Safety Training

An eight-hour, self-directed online course in Indigenous cultural safety.

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Supporting Each Other’s Journey: Land Acknowledgment Webinar Series

A four-part webinar series and guidebook to help researchers and other members of the public understand the importance of acknowledging traditional territories.

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Indigenous Research Ethics and Protocols

A three-part webinar series examining ethical principles of engagement with Indigenous peoples in health research.

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Knowledge Keepers in Reseach

Written and video-based teachings from Indigenous Elders and Knowledge Keepers that apply traditional knowledge to health care and research.

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Training and Certification

Opportunities to pursue additional training and certification, such as OCAP and TCPS-2.

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Book Club

A forum in which issues of racism – and potential solutions – are discussed critically and collaboratively.

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