September 27, 2023

Funding agencies, universities, and research groups are increasingly seeking patient partners to participate on peer review panels.

Currently, there is a gap between the number of patient partners needed and the number who feel comfortable and confident participating. A new training module, Patient Partners in Peer Review, aims to bridge the gap and bring more patient partners, regardless of their level of experience, into the world of peer review.

The self-paced online course was developed by the Canadian Nephrology Trials Network (CNTN) in partnership with the Kidney Foundation of Canada and the Canadian Donation and Transplantation Research Program. It provides a foundational understanding of what peer review is, why it’s important, and how patient partners can get involved.

“We’re hoping to share it across the country with all those who already do patient engagement and help them to incorporate more patient partners,” says Alicia Murdoch, CNTN Project Manager.

The module takes about 30 minutes and provides learners with a certificate of completion.

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