December 1, 2022

This session is  part of the SPOR National Training Entity official launch event.

Patient-oriented research asks everyone to embrace new ways of working. Can-SOLVE CKD has created a suite of training programs to help network members enhance their skills and knowledge in this area. This session highlighted the Can-SOLVE CKD Learning Tree and the 5 branches of free resources covering a wide range of subjects.


  1. Setting the Stage: Introducing Can-SOLVE CKD and the Learning Tree
  2. Overview of each of the five Learning Branches:
  • KidneyPro – This free online learning module equips you with an understanding of the patient role in kidney research and empowers you to get involved.
  • Storytelling for Impact – This module has been designed to help patient partners write their stories around two moments of care that they wish to share, along with a call to action for improving kidney care.
  • Wabishki Bizhiko Skaanj Learning Pathway – This online learning pathway brings together existing resources with original content exploring Indigenous Cultural Competency
  • Patient Engagement Toolkit – The toolkit includes tips for collaboration in patient engagement, a glossary of terms, and practical tools to support the internal functioning of teams, such as a skills and contributions chart.
  • Knowledge Translation Principles – This branch is dedicated to enhancing the understanding and importance of knowledge translation (KT). KT involves creating and applying knowledge in ways that maximize the effectiveness of health services and products.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the inspiration and process for developing the Learning Tree
  • Understand the goals of each Learning Branch
  • Learn how to incorporate knowledge from the Learning Branches into your work

To access the Learning Tree, visit:

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